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Hi {customer_name},

It’s easy to fuck things up. Even when you try really really really hard not to. I do it all the time. Here are all the things I learned in the course of accidentally ruining other people’s days.

Some of these mistakes I made because I was trying to be too clever. Some of them because I wasn’t being clever enough. But a lot of them are things I just wouldn’t anticipate until I watched WordPress burst into tiny pieces because I was _doing_it_wrong().

This blog is for the little quirks, stupid mistakes, and omg-there’s-a-function-for-that?! that go with developing on the WordPress platform. But it’s not going to be big on explanations. It’s written for intermediate or advanced WordPress developers — or those who so aspire. (I’m on that aspire chain too. So if I do something wrong, leave a comment.)

I’ve got about six months of content lined up, a post a week. I’ll just put it on auto-pilot once I get the posts in. Follow @ibrokemywp for post notifications. No mailing list.

All the best,



  1. I love the domain of this site. Sounds promising. Can’t wait to read all the ways you break WP so we all can avoid breaking it too. And so I can face palm myself when I realize I’ve made the same mistakes. How else can we learn without taking things apart first, right?

    Looking forward to reading this site’s posts. 🙂

  2. Great domain name and concept. Looking forward to it! Happy to share some of my experiences successfully breaking WordPress if you run out 🙂

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